Forthcoming Events - Life is one long event full of fun and frolics.

Welcome to 2017 and thank you for taking the time to read this far through our little website, most have nodded off by now, it is amazing to think that niave old me thought that a website wouldn't be that important, how times have changed. Things that haven't changed, my hair growing back, Pat not being grumpy, the summer being non-existant, and music still making me excited.

So here starts another year, dry January will have been successful for many people, not publicans though, I try to do a month alcohol free just to see if I can still do it, and to try and stop my tummy taking over, I did and its not that bad in fact I slept so much better, sadly didn't look any better or really feel any better but its still an achievement. Thank you to everyone who took part in the bottle guess, it was £331.96, won by two participants who both guessed the nearest £333.33, we raised over £550, which is brilliant, also thank you to Julia for having another romantic afternoon with her husband (I really know how to show her a good time). Last year was really sad and odd in my view, we lost so many good pop stars and actors and the country seemed so unsure of its self with Brexit and then Trump winning in America, hopefully this year will be consolidation of those decisions even if they were not to your liking. After 12 years of growth last year we slowed so we are looking for new ways to grow the business and reach new customers, our facebook page has been a success, thanks to Hayden, with help from everyone including Lozza (didn't want a bollocking!), so if you indeed like our little pub please help us and spread the word, I am always surprised to find out that possible customers on our doorstep don't even know we exist. As always life is for enjoying and small funny memories are so important and as I always seem to cock up I must apologise to my lovely mother who had dementia, I was taking her to an important appointment with Alfie and I managed to lock her in the car with all doors locked the engine running with the keys INSIDE the car. 20 minutes later and after creating a new dent in my car we managed to get back into the car, funnily enough she always remembered that, I must thank the kind man from her care home for helping me break into my own car, what a plonker !!!!!

For a Christmas present from Julia this year I asked for some photos of the kids done professionally, what she actually did was include all of us, unsure about this I am glad to say that my wife knows best again. Anyone who can make me not look like a tired zombie has to be good at their job, but the results were fantastic and they are all gorgeous, even my kids enjoyed the shoot and the photos, so I must mention that if you are thinking of having any family photos done then Leela Bennett is your lady, see her fine work at Leela Bennett

As always I must thank my merry band of helpers whom without I just couldn't do this, thankyou for putting up with me and my madness (I loved the fact that someone said I was like a mad John Cleese, not sure how Julia would feel about being Sybil). Also to you the customers because without you there is no business, just four walls with too many pictures in it. And finally to Julia and my children who I love dearly, without them there is no driving force or heart. Yes I am a soppy fool and an old one at that. So eat and drink to your hearts content and keep smiling.